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How I got from "there" to "here" in one short year!

I am laying here completely paralyzed by gratitude on this snow flurry filled Sunday after the Thanksgiving holiday.

I am recovering from making my Unique Plant Boutique dream a reality. I can cross Black Friday Grand Opening of whimsical plant shop off my "to-do" list.

Thank you to every. Single. Soul. Who participated in my manifestation of that pivotal day!

Mucho gratitude!!

(Talk about thankful)

Every morning I go through my Facebook memories like my own personal nostalgic timeline, gaging my station of arrivals in a retrospect mode... And wow! I am so glad I am journaling this ride!

Because, boOy...

Do I got a story to tell!!

(Quite a few actually)

365 days ago I was also laying in bed...I was filming my-SELF stating how I had lived (secretly hoping to die tho) through a devasting reality check, mysterious illness and a snow storm. I remember that 7 plus days of calm reflection, healing, mental planning and visualizing what my life would look like a year from that profound moment.

I astonish myself. Truly.

I never not once let my circumstances keep me from makin moves that led me here.

I took my madien voyage on my zenjen37 tour (alone) to the Florida keys this past summer for my rebirth as I stated I would in my manifestation.

I have collected so much healing content. It is time to switch gears and focus a bit more launching my podcast after the new year begins.

Please stay tuned.

There is so much more coming!!

There will be more

plants, pottery, and podcast personalities morphing, molding, manuevering in consistent postive growth.

The key for me has been to be bold in ALL my pursuits, have boundaries like a madman and under no circumstances let anyone talk fear into my plans!!!

Come grow with me!!





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