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My Casket Sprays and Family Tribute packages have top priority here at The Lake Florist. I am passionate about being a part of your loved one's final goodbye. All my creations are designed to suit your personal touches such as color scheme, flowers desired if available or in season, the shape and size. I am here to help you create the vision you desire to honor your loved one's final goodbye with pride.


My pricing starts at a $300.00 minimum. No delivery option at this time. All orders must be picked up at 4163 Lake Michigan Dr Grand Rapids Mi 49534.


With your well earned money I will personally see that your order is created to satisfaction from design to delivery.


Thank you for trusting The Lake Florist with your final tributes.

Deluxe Casket Sprays and Family Tributes (CALL FOR PRICING)

Color: White
  • If you are in this section and shopping. First off. I am sorry for your loss. I am no stranger to this pain. And I promise you it will show through my designs. I am passionate about this area of my service. 

    Allow me to help you say goodbye with a creative designed final tribute. Let's add your very own personal touches to your final tributes to a beloved, family, friend, co-worker, or pet.

    I know this space is not an easy one to manuever. Reach out to me and we can build a loving tribute together.

    It is a profound honor to service you in this area.


    Thank you.

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