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Make a mad dash for my custom organic Moss Poles!

Why moss poles for your plants?

Moss poles are an excellent growing medium for your climber plants. Think of the Moss pole as an extension of your plants pot that gives them an environment closest to their natural habitat.

My five why's for using Moss Poles:

  1. It is the best support for climber plants.

  2. It is close to the plants natural growing pattern.

  3. It is an extension of the pot and its moisture.

  4. Moss is a growing medium.

  5. Every single node on a climber gets rooted. (My favorite part!)

Gift your climbers, especially the magnificent Monstera plants a moss pole.

Happy plants. Happy life!

I have several pre-made fresh organic moss poles in stock at my Unique Plant

Boutique located in Standale just west of Grand Rapids.

Come see me at 4163 Lake Michigan Drive or pre-order for pick up of custom sized poles

Let me know if you would be interested in learning how to make your own moss poles.

I look forward to servicing all your plant accessory needs.

Come grow with me!


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