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Starting a new business is scary!

I know because I am sitting here in the quiet letting the fear invade as I watch the traffic wiz by on this busy Grand Rapids Road. I was told that Lake Michigan Drive is now busier then 28th street. My how things change. Yet no customers flocking into my beautiful new and inviting retail space. I knew this part wasn't going to just fall into my lap and I am working on my marketing techniques, but in the meantime. I am not going to lie. I am a little afraid.

My first shop when I purchased it was already established flower shop with a customer base and it was in the small town of Lowell. I hit the ground running once I got started there. This trip is a tad different. I built this baby from scratch with just a key to my new space, a vision in my heart and in my head. Now that my mental vision of what I wanted my Unique Plant Boutique to look like is complete. Complete enough to open the doors and let customers in anyway. It is time to put my heart into the magnificent venture and have the faith in myself to trust that the customers will come.

To move my faith along I have purchased a potted sunflower suit to wear while standing on the side of this busy road waving. Yeehaw! Watch me!

Stay tuned Grand Rapids. I am that crazy plant lady you see flailing her arms on the side of Lake Michigan Drive!

Come grow with me!


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